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Mittwoch, 27.09.2017

Our dmexco review in under 3 minutes

What is remaining after two days of this year´s dmexco? - We had lots of talks with customers, partners and colleagues, a ton of impressions and impulses and last but not least a loads of fun.

Hope to see you next year. To quicken your appetite, we put it all in a best of film – enjoy!

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dmexco – 14.09.2017

Virtual Reality is more real than you think

Why hasn’t virtual reality already changed our lives? It may not have hit the mass market yet, but VR and AR are much further developed than most of...

dmexco – 14.09.2017

Content ... what?

Should content marketing be seen as an extension of classical advertising – or possibly a successor to it?

dmexco – 14.09.2017

“The internet is broken”

Everybody’s heard of blockchain. Few people can really explain what it is. It began with Bitcoin, but can it really revolutionize the internet?