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Donnerstag, 14.09.2017

Virtual Reality is more real than you think

Why hasn’t virtual reality already changed our lives? It may not have hit the mass market yet, but VR and AR are much further developed than most of us realize.

How do you train a technician to repair an engine that hasn’t been built yet? This is just one of the ways industry uses VR, with a host of benefits – from cutting development time and costs to increasing safety. The technology is also starting to reach into other areas, such as sales. After all, it is a far easier and cheaper way to present, say, an aircraft engine and many other large products to customers.

Until now, however, a number of factors have held back VR from becoming the mass-market explosion we once thought it would be. For one thing, companies are understandably reluctant to roll out new business models that will immediately cannibalize their existing ones. In particular, though, the form, weight and resolution of VR goggles have not exactly helped their appeal to the general public.

That said, the recent release of new VR/AR products by Apple and Google shows us that the big players have been keeping their cards close to their chests. The appearance of a new game-changing product can alter things drastically and suddenly, at any time. In addition, experience has shown that VR can be a highly creative environment in its own right, capable of producing surprising developments. Expect the unexpected then.

At dmexco2017, we asked Dirk Krause – Publicis Pixelpark’s Director of Innovation Management – about VR: 

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