Presse – 24.09.2018

Top grade for inclusion in the net

With a score of 99.25, Publicis Pixelpark again scores top marks in the BITV test for EUTB

Website on different devices

Presse – 12.04.2018

PUMA´s record year in 9.58 seconds

Publicis Pixelpark launches the fastest annual report in the world

Presse – 22.03.2018

HOCHBAHN travels with Publicis Pixelpark into the future

Publicis Pixelpark is the new lead agency for Hamburg´s HOCHBAHN


Presse – 02.02.2018

Christian Nienaber joins Publicis Pixelpark as Managing Director

Focus on digital business of the locations in Munich and Erlangen

Presse – 04.12.2017

How the content came into the forest

Publicis Pixelpark and STIHL develop storytelling campaign for the launch of the professional power saw MS 462

The STIHL MS 462 - Made for every forest!

Presse – 27.11.2017

“I want a baby with you!“

New customer campaign by Publicis Pixelpark for the BKK VBU scores with a lot of skin

Motif of the campaign for BKK VBU

Presse – 07.11.2017

Together against the digital visual stress

Publicis Pixelpark and Lanserhof launch the first website that is already healthy when looking at it

Screenshot Website Lanserhof

Presse – 17.07.2017

The first digital cooking assistant

For the reopening of the Maggi Kochstudios, Publicis Pixelpark made KIM come to life

Bild Maggi-Chatbot KIM QR Code