Presse – 07.11.2017

Together against the digital visual stress

Publicis Pixelpark and Lanserhof launch the first website that is already healthy when looking at it

Presse – 17.07.2017

The first digital cooking assistant

For the reopening of the Maggi Kochstudios, Publicis Pixelpark made KIM come to life

Presse – 20.06.2017

Animated to visit the veterinarian

Publicis Pixelpark celebrates a "parasite party" with Merial in eleven countries

Presse – 19.04.2017

Images with soundtracks

Publicis Pixelpark develops FotoOto, a photo app for people with visual impairments – and for all those who don't just want to see an image

Presse – 11.01.2017

Carl Zeiss Meditec sends ophthalmologists on an intergalactic journey

Publicis Pixelpark and Demodern realize VR project for the intraocular lens manufacturer

Presse – 07.12.2016

Digital campaign for less "awesomeness" in social media

Freunde fürs Leben e.V. (Friends for Life) and Publicis Pixelpark draw attention to social depression

Presse – 05.12.2016

Healthcare Marketing may be tedious and not very creative – but wait!

Publicis Pixelpark wins Clio Healthcare Gold with "Moshpital"