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Mittwoch, 07.12.2016

Digital campaign for less "awesomeness" in social media

Freunde fürs Leben e.V. (Friends for Life) and Publicis Pixelpark draw attention to social depression

German version

The Facebook campaign realized by “Freunde für Leben e.V.” was developed by Publicis Pixelpark and is committed to more honesty and less perfect self-presentation in social media. With the hashtag #AwesomeMakesMeSick the campaign with a total of 5 different posts draws attention to the effects of exaggerated positive communication of people with depression. The campaign was launched end of November when particularly many people feel depressed by the cold and grey season.

Interactive 360-degree images make clear that beautiful productions are often only an incomplete reality. #AwesomeMakesMeSick sets an example for more honesty in our communication. 


Viviane Kruggel, PR Manager, T +49 30 5058 1570, viviane.kruggel@publicispixelpark.de

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