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Montag, 20.06.2016

First St. Pauli peed back. Now everyone can pee back.

German version

The worldwide demand for peeing back soared after the guerilla product demonstration in St. Pauli. So we are giving the world what it needs: the handy Peeback Spray. Order now at www.peebackspray.com!

Urinating in public has been risky in St. Pauli since 2015 – this is where we launched our campaign and coated frequently used walls throughout the district with our highly hydrophobic paint. It is so water-repellent that urine splashes back, resulting in wet trousers and shoes – and fewer public urinators. The video on the joint campaign undertaken with Interessengemeinschaft St. Pauli e.V. is available at wepeeback.com.

A product demonstration that did not just reach the urinating target group. But created a new one.

The campaign made headlines around the world, went viral on YouTube and became a model for other cities. Mainz, Cologne, London, Gold Coast (Australia) and San Francisco continued the campaign. Thousands of private citizens who would otherwise never have asked for industrial paint want it and became a new target group.

So now we are giving them what they need to pee back: the Peeback Spray. Just order it through our online shop, spray it on the wall you want to protect – and it pees back.


Julia Staron, Reeperbahn District Manager of IG St. Pauli e. V.: "Public urinators be warned: Every wall in the world can now pee back."

Images of the Peeback action and Peeback Spray & Photo of Julia Staron

Viviane Kruggel, PR Manager, T +49 30 5058 1570, viviane.kruggel@publicispixelpark.de 

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