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Montag, 27.11.2017

“I want a baby with you!“

New customer campaign by Publicis Pixelpark for the BKK VBU scores with a lot of skin

German version

Following the relaunch of www.meine-krankenkasse.de, Publicis Pixelpark is now also launching its large-scale campaign to acquire new customers for the German company healthcare insurance Betriebskrankenkasse Verkehrsbau Union (BKK VBU).

Above all the campaign focuses on making BKK VBU known as a health insurance company for the entire family with a broad range of services in naturopathic treatments and additional services such as dental health and vaccinations. The campaign focuses on particularly eye-catching images and headlines. “I want a baby with you!” is just one of four different campaign motifs.

"As one of the largest company health insurance funds in Germany, we also want to be perceptible and relevant beyond our existing 500,000 customers," explains Markus Kamrad, Head of Corporate Communications, BKK VBU. 

And Kamrad adds: "This only works out due to our convincing insurance benefits, but also through the unconventional motifs of our campaign made by Publicis Pixelpark. This makes us digitally visible - online, with one of the fastest websites in the German health insurance sector, and mobile. All measures mesh directly with each other. Everything was implemented within a very short time, which was made possible thanks to the agile cooperation with Publicis Pixelpark."

The campaign will be featured on the BKK VBU website, on social media, online banners, mobile advertising, but also with two spots on urban information screens and city cards. All campaign elements refer to the respective campaign landing pages, on which information material can be ordered or a membership change to the BKK VBU can be requested immediately.

In conjunction with the website, also revised by Publicis Pixelpark, the first online membership application was submitted just a few minutes after the campaign started in early October. The site was previously optimized for conversion and loading times - constantly accompanied by usability tests during the agile relaunch project. The website can, therefore, be regarded as a "best case" among the websites of German health insurance companies.

"The entire communication of the BKK VBU is about an integrated approach, not only when using media," adds Jens-Christian Jensen, Managing Director at Publicis Pixelpark. "The concept goes much further and is no longer just UX-driven, but aims at the entire customer experience of existing and new customers of BKK VBU."



With more than 500,000 customers, BKK VBU (Betriebskrankenkasse Verkehrsbau Union) is one of the largest company health insurance companies in Germany and stands for modern and customer-friendly service.

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