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Dienstag, 10.03.2015

Publicis Pixelpark stops outdoor peeing in Hamburg’s party district.

German version

With over 20 million visitors a year, St.Pauli is the party district of Hamburg. However, this honour comes with consequences: Hoards of drunks peeing all over building walls. Outdoor lavatories and fines have had little effect. This ruins the cityscape and the moods of residents.

That's why Publicis Pixelpark joined together with the St. Pauli Residents Union and the Business Improvement District BID Reeperbahn+ to do something about peeing partygoers.

Frequently "soiled" walls in the entire district were treated with a super hydrophobic coating. The coating can be purchased most anywhere but is so water repellent, that water, or in this case, urine splashes back off the wall. The result of peeing against them: Wet pants and shoes!

And hopefully, a change in thinking when it comes to urinating in public. On the walls is a warning in German and English: "Don’t pee here. We pee back. Yours truly, St. Pauli." However as Julia Staron, District Manager of BID Reeperbahn+ said, "Not all coated walls come with the warning."

The domestic and international resonance thus far has been impressive: News sources such as Reuters, "The Guardian", "The Telegraph", DER SPIEGEL as well as "Singapore News", "Buenos Aires Herald" and other news programs have reported about the action.

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