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Montag, 17.07.2017

The first digital cooking assistant

For the reopening of the Maggi Kochstudios, Publicis Pixelpark made KIM come to life

German version

KIM ("Kitchen Intelligence by Maggi") is the first digital cooking assistant to provide customers within chats for recipe inspiration and support around the clock. A special feature of the chatbot realized by Publicis Pixelpark is its ability to communicate: Customers can use KIM to provide a coherent conversation over several messages. Questions and answers already posted can be corrected or clarified, as well as asking questions about KIM's answers. This was made possible by the "Conversational AI" of the technology start-up Mercury.ai, on whose platform KIM was implemented. So KIM is not just another chatbot but a future-oriented dialogue technology for  the customers of Maggi.

QR Code for Maggi Chatbot

"We are always keen to demand and promote technological innovations that are relevant to our consumers and our brands," says Adrienne Héon-Kleinen, Head of Communication Maggi. "We know that messengers are now the most common way of using smartphones. We wanted to be where the customer is looking for the dialogue. The USP of the Maggi Kochstudio has always been to be addressable as a brand and to enter the dialogue with our customers. Today dialogue primarily takes place digitally. Many users expect a brand to respond immediately if they need help or have questions. KIM enables individual dialogue and service - around the clock. "

Through the Facebook Messenger, KIM not only provides recipes for specific ingredients or occasions, but also notes and takes into account personal preferences or intolerances. With this ability to personalize, it will significantly outperform traditional search capabilities and restrictions when answering specific questions in chatbots. The dynamic dialogue behavior of the chatbot is based on three components: the dialog context, the understanding of queries and referencing as well as the personalization of the answers. By "memorizing" the preferences of the users and incorporating them in the context of ongoing conversations, communication with the chatbot becomes a personal experience.

Sample dialogue with KIM

Another special feature is the direct connection to retail so that users can put the ingredients directly into a shopping cart and have them delivered to their homes.

"In spite of the very complex technology behind KIM, it was our job to make handling easy and smooth," says Matthias Mühlenhoff, General Manager of Publicis Pixelpark, about the particular challenge of developing the chatbot. "And, above all, users should feel that the chatbot is, in the truest sense of the word, intelligent and as close to a human conversation as possible. We are delighted that Nestlé has not only been so open to this innovation, but has always emphasized the bar very high so that KIM can now prove its abilities with the demanding Maggi customers."


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