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Montag, 05.09.2016

The future of our cities has begun - BMBF and Publicis Pixelpark succeed with Online Game for urban development

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About 1.2 million people were reached and more than 90 submissions received, including especially videos that added up to more than three hours of footage - the Minecraft competition ‘Future City’ as part of BMBF´s ‘Science Year 2015’ has not only generated awareness at a great range, but initiated a content-related discussion on the issue of sustainable urban development. No wonder then, that the campaign has won the German Prize for Online Communication.

The competition was aligned by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the annual Science Year. The idea, concept and implementation came from its agency partner Publicis Pixelpark. Children and young people were called upon creating their visions of a future city by sending in moving or static images. Participants had to justify their ideas and submit them for assessment and rewarding by an expert jury. But the online community itself could also vote and thereby select the winner of the audience award.

Winning entry: The Ark
Winning entry: The Ark
Winning entry: Antarctica
Winning entry: Antarctica
Winning entry: City with Quality of Life
Winning entry: City with Quality of Life

Publicis Pixelpark had developed the contest based on the popular online game Minecraft. Players act therein as architects who build their own world and present it in videos or photo collages. For this, the agency had even provided and managed a separate server. With the gaming community a new target group for science communication has been opened.

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