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Dienstag, 07.11.2017

Together against the digital visual stress

Publicis Pixelpark and Lanserhof launch the first website that is already healthy when looking at it

German version

What should your website look like if you are the best health resort in the world? The Lanserhof has several times managed to be voted as "Best Medical Spa" in its more than thirty-year history. The reason for this is a holistic concept of naturopathic treatments and modern medicine in a breathtaking ambience, which has no equal.

In close cooperation with the customer, Publicis Pixelpark developed a brand image that functions as holistically as the concept of Lanserhof. The idea: A website that helps you to relax before you travel by acting against the signs of digital visual stress.

It's no coincidence that more than 60% of people who work regularly on the screen suffer from digital vision problems (source: Vision Council study on digital vision stress 2012 & 2013). The symptoms are tired eyes, headache, tension and insomnia.

In addition to an individual design that visually sets the appearance apart from the typical hotel look, the website has been supplemented with functionalities that make it easier to see and relax. In full-surface modules that change their depth of field, viewers can let their eyes wander and thus give the facial muscles a break. An automatic night mode switches the page in the evening and adjusts it to the darker lighting conditions to make it easier to see. An intelligent navigation has been integrated which not only enables better orientation but also acts as a digital health assistant with tips and tricks. On top of that, the information is displayed with a novel technique that makes reading extremely easy and therefore much more relaxed.

For more than ten months, the team led by Chief Creative Officer Timm Weber has developed the new design and functionalities of the website. All trades worked closely together during this time - from concept through art direction to web development. Thus, the new website of Lanserhof is not just a lighthouse among hotel appearances. It is also a great example of what creative ideas, good design and technical development can bring together for a brand.

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