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Dienstag, 27.11.2018

Viral on Schedule

At HOCHBAHN, everything goes #accordingtoplan. The advertising now too.

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Hamburg-based HOCHBAHN AG has teamed up with Publicis Pixelpark to develop the first advertising film to go exactly as planned. Just the way you know it from the HOCHBAHN. Because at the HOCHBAHN (almost) everything is going according to plan: The first production-ready E-bus started on schedule in mid-November and the new stop Elbbrücken will actually be ready for the favourable opening date. Without much excitement and within the planned budget.

Christina Becker, Marketing Director of the HOCHBAHN: "Many Hamburgers know that they can count on us when it comes to organizing mobility in their city: the HOCHBAHN does it! We are proud of that, but we can hardly surprise with that. Therefore, the film was about creating something that irritates the elderly and, above all, the younger ones with full intentions and still makes it clear: everything is going according to plan, of course, the advertising too."

And so is the film: Since its release on 25th November 2018, it already gained 500.000 views – in just about 24 hours. The success does not come by chance, the whole film is a tribute to the great virals of recent years and contains all the elements that made these films successful.

The HOCHBAHN receives prominent support from three Hamburg superstars: H.P. Baxxter rewrote his mega-hit "Hyper Hyper" into "Hypebahn Hypebahn", a pun created of “hyper” and “Hochbahn”. Sofia Tsakiridou, for her more than 500,000 Instagram followers better known as @matiamubysofia, shows how to contribute to the success of a brand as an influencer and "Das Bo" gets the cameo appearance of his life.

Despite the countless quotations and "easter eggs" within the film, a stand-alone spot has emerged, which captivates due to newly added components. For example, the smallest protagonist of the film bows to a big hit: Only those who listen carefully, will discover the quote from Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey". It has been added in honour of the recently deceased Douglas Rain, who lent his voice to HAL.

To really discover all the quotes and cross-references, you have to watch the movie at least a second time. Or just keep looping, because the soundtrack is "hyper".

HOCHBAHN partners with its new lead agency Publicis Pixelpark for half a year now. Responsible for the film at HOCHBAHN are Christina Becker, Ben Lilie and Nils Christopher Kemter. On the agency side, Chief Creative Officer Timm Weber and Creative Directors Joshua Mackowiak, Eike Fietje and Philipp Hentges created the film. The HOCHBAHN is supervised by Sabine Müllen, Jessica Kittel and Claudia Carl Richter.

About Hamburg´s HOCHBAHN AG

HOCHBAHN is the largest transport company in Hamburg. With around 1.2 million passengers a day in buses and subways of HOCHBAHN, the company makes an important contribution to environmental protection in the Hamburg Transport Association (HVV) and thus for the quality of life in the Hanseatic city.

About Publicis Pixelpark

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